on spit and other playground etiquette...

posted on: 6.19.2012

The thing to do after a good long sit in the dentist's chair, well, clearly the thing to do is to go to a playground and play those wiggles right out. 

And, if your super sweet dentist is in Kailua, well the playground to shake, rattle and wiggle at is Aikahi Elementary School's, "'this playground is CLOSED for summer'-- so, obviously feel free to hop the fence and join all the other picnicking, outlaw mamas spread out along the lawn" playground.  


Oh, you guys Aikahi had like this huge community supported playground face lift, full body nip and tuckity tuck and if you loved the old wooden "sure to get a splinter" awesomeness, well, you'll just adore the recycled composite monument to everything great and community and well, there's like a two story volcano, so, yeah... there's that.

So, there I was lying in a somewhat incredibly awkward position saying "look down at me boys this'll be a great picture" which Seanzy clearly  heard as "spit down at me Seanz, that'd really make my day".  And, when I yelled back in response to his spit "hey, what the...?, stop that Sean, we don't spit, and also, I don't like that, and, that's not o.k., and, do you hear me?..." well, he clearly said in his little two year old mind, "hey would ya look at that?  Mom's like, totally super excited and lovin' it and, yeah sure mom I'll give ya some more of that spit, and here ya go, right here..."  

Seriously, I felt a bit like an entrenched reporter braving the belly of a live volcano whilst under direct enemy fire from the angry natives.  Except, also there were all those picnicking moms sitting around enjoying their picnics and well that little Sean I'm sure he somehow assessed the situation in like two point zero seconds and thought, yup, no way mom is firing back with all these lovely well put together mommies around and so let the rain of spit commence...

And that my darling dears is how a toddler gets the yucky taste of fluoride out of his freshly polished mouth, clearly the thing to do after a long sit in the dentist's chair.

Gurgle, gurgle, rinse and spit.

live sweet,


  1. That is to funny!! I will have to remember that when I take my 2 year old in to the dentist in a few months.

  2. gotta laugh at that. i guess that's all there is for it.

  3. ha! i love this. you are such a great storyteller.


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