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posted on: 6.21.2012

And other tales.

I had this whole big huge pile of driftwood from that long "Jack Johnson- stalking- driftwood wreath- walking" that we did on the beach last week.  Remember that?  No?  You can read a bit about it here, if you like.  

Well, so there that pile sat and I thought, to myself, each time I walked past it "geesh what am I gonna do with all of that".  And Charlie thought, out loud, each time he walked past it "geesh, what is she gonna do with all of that".  That Charlie.

And of course just the other day, just the thing came to me, like divine driftwood inspiration, you know?  I was hit with just the very use for just one measly piece of drift wood from that big giant pile.  

And after doing a little Pottery Barn and Etsy poking around for design ideas and seeing the prices for whale mobiles on those sites well, I was even more sure that we, you and I and Charlie, well, we should have our very own driftwood whale mobile and we should make it with our very own two hands and we should say how much more meaningful it is that we made it ourselves, all the while really meaning "well, can you believe I did that for maybe two bucks versus thirty, forty, seventy dollars" and also we can now walk by the pile of driftwood in that very same spot and think to ourselves, "geesh, what are we gonna do with all that minus one measly piece".

You're welcome very much Charlie.  An-nnd now...

A Drift Wood and Felt Whale Mobile


1 large piece of driftwood
Fishing line
Felt in desired colors
6 buttons
Needle and thread
Craft Glue
Drill and small drill bit

Step One.  Make a template for your whales, this can easily be done on a sheet of scratch paper.  Trace your template three times (if you are making three whales) on to the felt and then flip the template over and trace three more times.  This will make a front and back for each whale and will allow you to have all of the marks from your tracing on the inside of the whales.

Step Two.  Cut out a template for the whales underbelly, fin and any other embellishments you would like.  Trace on to felt and cut out for each whale.  You can also trace and cut out any other items you might want on your mobile, I used simple circles because they are easy to cut and suggest under sea bubbles.

Step Three.  Glue or sew on the underbelly of the whale to each side, you should have a total of six if you are making three whales.  ( Just a little tip: This was hard for perfectionist-ish me to do, but... resist the temptation to trim off the excess bits of felt.  You'll be matching up the two sides of the whale later and once the glue is dry and the project pretty much complete and your sure nothing's gonna move well, then you can trim and primp and make perfect-ish)  Let dry, if using glue.

Step Four.   Holding two sides of the whale together stitch the fin and button on to the whale so that the two sides come together, and each has a fin and button.

Step Five.  Open up the whale and tie a long piece of fishing line around the thread that is on the inside of the whale.  This line will be what the whale hangs from and will need to be long, (you will cut any excess off later).

Step Six.  Glue, or stitch, the two sides of the whale together being sure to pull fishing line out at the top.  Tape fishing line with whale attached to the edge of a table or other elevated surface.  Let dangle to dry.

Step Seven.  Place a generous amount of glue on one circle and with fishing line, (which should have a whale dangling at the bottom most point), in the center attach a second circle so that they hang together.  Continue as desired.  Let dry. 

Step Eight.  Drill holes in your drift wood, really you can use any wood you'd like.  Drill three even spaced holes for your whale and bubble strings.  Drill one hole about an inch and a half to two inches in from each end of the driftwood for the fishing line you will use to hand your mobile.

Step Nine.  Thread fishing line, with whale and bubbles attached, through each hole.  Securely tie a double knot at the top and snip off any excess line. Trim, primp, make nice any bits on the whales and bubbles that might be misaligned.  It's glue, and felt and dangling-- things are bound to not match up exactly, now's the time to trim as needed.

Step Ten.  Cut a long strand of fishing line and thread, from the top of the mobile, through each of the two holes at the ends of the driftwood.  Securely double knot each end.

And as Sean says ALL the time...

"Daaa Daa"!

Your very own Driftwood Whale Mobile.

live sweet,



  1. Great idea, and so clever! Thanks so much for visiting & following Saved by Grace! I'm following you back.
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  2. That's a great idea! Thanks for the follow! Joining you as well! Enjoy your day.

  3. Very cute!! Thank you for the inspiration! :D

  4. Thanks for stopping by, and I'm so glad you did. How clever is that! My daughter-in-law loves whales... no wait I think that's dolphins. Oh well, I was close, but it still cute. You're creativity is at a high level I see. Well, busy busy I'm your latest follower. So nice to meet you. Have a great weekend. Hope you got the chance to follow me too!

  5. Hi,

    These whales are so cute, I just so happen to have some drift wood sitting there, wondering what it can be used for....Now I know xx

    Thanks for popping over to http://prettyshabbyuk.blogspot.co.uk.

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  7. That is such a great craft!

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    Emily Sung

  8. I love these little whales, great job and great tutorial. Too cool on your driftwood:) Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays. Have a marvelous week!

  9. Hi Nicole! Thanks so much for stopping by on Thursday and following, I've just returned the ♥!
    I love the mobile you made, super cool!!


  10. great tutorial. I'm a new follower. I just stopped by from the blog hop to read a bit. I'm Leslie @ Gwen Moss blog-(the decision that changed my life) Stop by if you get a chance,


  11. This is such a cute idea!! I am so not creative that I would have missed the opportunity to make something beautiful and adorable like this because it would have never occurred to me!! haha. Happy Aloha Friday!

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  13. Super cute idea! I wish I was that creative :) Found you through the Friday Blog Hop - new follower! x


  14. So cute! Who was this beautiful mobile for!? :) Thanks for sharing on Saturday Show & Tell at Cheerios and Lattes last weekend! We love having you join us and hope to see you again this weekend! See you soon!
    Mackenzie :)

  15. Neat idea! Following from the blog hop and hope you will follow me too:) Have a great day!



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