on having a love affair...

posted on: 6.18.2012

With the 50th State Fair and the ride of life.

We spent the sweetest Father's Day afternoon at the 50th State Fair with the very sweetest of friends.  And the silliness of us being on the asphalt together and the stickiness of foods fried and served on sticks, well it all just got me thinking...

Oh, if I could travel back in time to sit for a spell with young, single Nicole I'd shout at her to ride more rides...

Ride, ride, ride.  

To take life up, so much more often, on it's various offers to throw caution to the wind, to climb on board and to oh so fully and contentedly enjoy the ride.  

To jump at the opportunity to see the world upside down from the inside of a flaming ring of fire in the heat of the noon day sun or from the tippity top of a lighted ferris wheel at dusk.  

To feel what it feels like to have your heart temporarily relocated to your throat as you plummet rapidly down the sling shot.  

And to then get in line to do it again, and again and again.  

And if I could go back in time to sit for a spell with mommy Nicole who just yesterday passed up an opportunity to ride the "Rave" with her very own little Tyty, 'cause you know, I had to hold the bags and watch the stroller and other silly grown up stuff like that, well I'd shout at her too, for pete's sake... 

Ride, ride, ride.  

Oh, you guys how did I not ride that ride with my little Tyty who  so passionately begged  "please mom, please I really wanna ride with you".

Oh, would you please tell me, next time around, should I forget about this time around right here, shout it at me, if you please... to get on that ride. 

Remind me, if you will, that the fair will not stay in this town forever.  That summer is a season with a beginning, middle and a too quickly approaching end.

Advise me, til I so clearly hear, that this summer of Tyty's ninth year will oh so very soon be a faded memory haphazardly tucked in the back pocket of an old pair of jeans to be accidentally found one day. An old ride ticket, no longer redeemable, from a fair that has long since packed up and moved on.  

Caution, won't you please, that Tyty will not always look to me to be his partner on this crazy little ride and that one day so very soon, standing by holding the bags will seem such a silly way to have spent these moments at the fair.  

In this fleeting
 love affair with the 50th State Fair and this silly little ride, this singular life, we get just one ticket to redeem... 

 One chance to ride, one shot to take... here's to making it count.

 Ride, ride, ride.

live sweet,

And if you're Alabama you could sing it to me, if you please.
And I would try oh so very hard to hear it too.



  1. oh i just love your posts nicole!!! thanks for the wonderful reminder. I really loath water balloons.. but my boys are begging to do them. so tomorrow water balloons it is... :) great pics too!!

    1. awww... I love that! Happy splashing to you and your boys. xo

  2. I miss the state fair! So glad you were able to spend time with the fam and you will always have another ride to jump on with your kids - literally or figuratively.

    1. ' promise? On the other rides?... I will look forward to many another opportunity to ride, ride, ride.

      Thanks too for being on this little ride with us.


  3. What kid doesn't love a good amusement park. Love it!
    Found you at Bits & Bobs blog hop.
    Am your newest follower

  4. Hi, just found you from Make My morning. I enjoyed your photos!


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