those mountains in the distance...

posted on: 5.24.2012

Happy Wordless Wednesday,

live sweet,


  1. wow. you are making me want to move!!!

  2. seriously? for real? i don't even know what to write...that is so beautiful and looks like massive fun! hawaii...someday your arms to me and my family! ~deirdre

  3. How beautiful! Wish I was there it looks breath taking! If you have time please stop by my blog I have something special for you!! :)

  4. Looks like lots of fun :)
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  5. Wow, that looks like something my kids would absolutely LOVE to do! I want to take them to Hawaii so bad, but we'd have to buy ELEVEN airplane tickets!!! Ugh! That the one negative to having such a large family ~ it's much harder to travel by plane! Ah well.
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  6. That looks like so much fun!! Can you believe I've lived in Hawaii all my life...30 years now and never did that yet? haha

  7. I left my heart there.


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