on false eyelashes...

posted on: 5.24.2012

 And other silliness...

Oh, you guys I have been working so very hard to get ready for my little cousin's graduation party.  In Hawaii when you graduate from high school well that is often such a very, very big deal involving rsvp's and center pieces and banquet halls and... 

Are you exhausted yet, 'cause I am oh so exhausted but it's almost over.  It's Saturday gosh darn, this very Saturday.  I was planning on getting my hair done and losing twenty pounds and working out everyday maybe twice or thrice a day right up until five thirty pm when the dinner and dancing and slide shows commence.  But it's Thursday afternoon already and Seanzy's just slipping off in to sweet dream nappy land and that little stinker, oh he has left drips of chocolate ice cream all over the floor and watermelon bits and sticky grains of rice, or pasta or something and I'm up to my eyeballs in glitter and water pearls-- do you know water pearls, they are just the coolest centerpiece fillers ever.

 So, what am I gonna do 'cause a manicure is out, unless paint stained fingernails and random bits of glitter count, and professional hair dressing is out too, I think I'm gonna go with the ombre look-- isn't that just the fanciest name for "seriously in need of touch up coloring"?  I'll be decorating and wrapping favors right up until the first guest signs in and losing twenty pounds well that was out a while ago and now my brand new goal is to try really, really hard to not just live on chocolate ice cream and donuts and whatever else they sell at the local seven eleven.  

And so what is a girl to do when begging "can I get a do over" is outta the question...  

Why rock a pair of false lashes of course!  

See, don't they look fabulous and don't they just totally distract from the lack of sleep and the I've been on a "stress induced eating" diet and the "what did I just step in... SEAN?!" look on my face. 

Yeah, that's totally the exact thought I had.  'nailed it, right?   

So I've had these alien life forms fluttering around above my eyes for the past few hours and I've been thinking about young women and life and here's a completely frivolous thought or two 

on false eyelashes and other silliness...

Be you. Always be you.  It's where your real value lies.  But, if you must do something false, let it be your eyelashes, or hair extensions or, if you, really must, a set of super long acrylic nails. 

Go for real when it comes to friends and love and all matters of the heart.  Oh, and whipped cream too-- isn't real whipped cream just the very yummiest? 

Forgive yourself.  Frequently.  Sometimes those new lashes, well, they just may not stick the first time, or the second or the third and it may take a few attempts before you figure out just how to make it work.  Forgive yourself.  And allow yourself to start again.  Repeatedly. And again, and then again, and...

Oh and don't believe everything you read, if you please.  

We all have bumps and dimples and scars and signs of having lived  well and thoroughly and of being built for lots of wonderfully messy living-- yay, to amazing, durable us!  

And sometimes, in those glossy retouched photos well, they take all of those away and we all look seventeen for, like, ever-- could I just maybe point to the very first photo in this post as proof, 'cause well, I haven't looked that way since high school and there I am glowing in a few different shades of yellow and pink and try as we may we can't walk around being yellow and pink or seventeen forever in the real world.  

And, when I think of all the amazing things that have happened since moving past seventeen well, I'm grateful for the bumps and dimples and the living in full color, even those darker shades of gray.

Oh, and I'm grateful for glitter, and water pearls and a completely useless post that's offered the sweetest distraction from glitter and water pearls and mostly, truly, I'm grateful for you.

live sweet, 

For the 
Class of 2012

And for all who are making their way past seventeen. 
Something real, to hold on to, if you please:


  1. Beautiful, you and the post! I love false eyelashes!

  2. Love the lashes but even more so, I love the way you used the lashes to draw into a deeper subject about loving yourself and self worth and having fun with this life we're given and to not be too hard on ourselves!! Wonderful as always Nicole!

    1. Happy beautiful, silly Friday Jean.


  3. Gorgeous and Beautiful! Thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I am now following back!

    1. Aloha Casey,
      It's so very sweet to have ya along for the ride.


  4. So beautifully said Nicole. May I suggest offering that as a toast to your cousin. He/She should know some of that wisdom being as he/she is Likely 17. I sure wish I did. -Deirdre

    1. Thanks Deidre,

      Isn't it funny the things we could have saved ourselves a bit of heartache over if we had been open to or learned them at seventeen-- but then again isn't not knowing part of being seventeen?

      Aloha to you and yours,

  5. You just made me cry... And then laugh... And then laugh again... Cry because your words are beautiful and true ... Laugh because your words are beautiful and true:) and that life is good... And then laugh again because....


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