fallin' in to love...

posted on: 5.30.2012

With Summer.

The sweet thing about summer is that it really, truly can be anything you want it to be, ya know?  It's as though the heavens and earth have conspired to give us a blank canvas of long days bathed in the purest sunlight.  And have left us to lazily color the hours as we may.  

Here are a few summer prints I discovered on etsy.  

They have me overflowing with anticipation for a summer full of possibility.  

Let the coloring of summer days, begin.

live sweet,


  1. awww... i love the mental image of us coloring in our summer days.. perfect! following you back from the blog hop!

    1. Oh, yes please, let's lazily color our summer days together! =) Thanks for joining the ride.


  2. I love the colors!! I can see a very colorful summer in your future! Wanted to say hello and see how your week is going!! Needed a taste of Hawaii this morning! Have a great Thursday and I'll see ya for the HOP tomorrow!

  3. Love all that aqua blue! ~Deirdre


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