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Louis Vuitton even hand now 82-year-old artist Yayoi Kusama (Yayoi Kusama), to launch a series of limited-linked list of goods, while the Indonesian version of "Harper's Bazaar" in the July special edition specifically for the launch of the first phase, the photographer Nicoline Patricia By Malina lens, Indonesia supermodel Aline Adita wearing the latest clothing wave point, the interpretation of fairy fairy fantasy realm.

The Peninsula Boutique overall design concept store by renowned architect Peter Marino to make every effort, combining tradition and innovation, the brand's unique in Louis Vuitton Outlet Store decoration and design, presents a series of fine craftsmanship and innovative design. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the store will display hand-painted by master craftsmen Peninsula label classic hat boxes, reflecting the long history of twitter. Also included Ms. clothing line, watches and jewelry series, most notably senior leather series of customized services, creating a delicate distinguished shopping environment.

Known as the "polka dot queen" Yayoi Kusama point in the series will wave style on its head again, every single product is to wave point printing the main aspects of the use of color and bold color, with red, yellow, blue and other bright lines, from voluptuous silk pajamas, extravagance pressing exquisite handmade necklace pendant to watch, all the wonderful art.

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In the opening of the holographic projection Louis Vuitton 2015 spring and summer series, notice of the general design of the Declaration of a fashion Genesis: Louis Vuitton Foundation aboard the glass vessel is Noah's Ark, the audience is in the fashion world will eventually get salvation of souls.

Local time on October 1, Louis Vuitton 2015 spring and summer series published in the Paris Fashion Week. This is the second designer Nicolas Ghesquiere Cheap Louis Vuitton For Sale series, also his first of the Louis Vuitton spring and summer series.

The show at the Louis Vuitton Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art newly built exhibition, the building designed by Frank Gehry master surgeon, will be officially opened on October 27.

This season, Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet Store is the Genesis. In the full sense of holographic projection technology as the opening of Louis Vuitton, notice of a like fashion bible Genesis general design manifesto. Louis Vuitton Foundation aboard the glass vessel is his Noah's Ark, his audience is ultimately in the fashion world salvation of souls.

Nicolas Ghesquiere create his own retro-futuristic Louis Vuitton. Reflective imitation patent leather texture, geometric sense of the full rectangular triangle pattern, huge round earrings and body velvet printing. From 2014 to 2015 winter early spring and then the spring and summer, Nicolas Ghesquiere deeply immersed themselves unable to Cheap Louis Vuitton Online golden impression in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Many people think that as long as previously mentioned patterns distinguish Louis Vuitton Outlet bags on the right will know the authenticity, but in fact this practice has been out, and now those fake LV bag patterns on and really has done almost the same, so this a method can no longer distinguish the authenticity as the basis for the. Look at the map to tell what, if your eyesight is strong enough, you will also find real LV's Monogram pattern is the kind of coffee mixed colors, and imitation LV on the whole completely brown. In addition, the car line is also an important clue. True LV car line is very good bending elastic fibers do, so careful friends can find car line was significantly shaped wicker, and is the kind of coarse texture; imitation Official Louis Vuitton car line is just an ordinary used car line, so there is no thick willow stripes. The interior is really LV canvas, and wove coarse, there are more obvious texture, but imitation Louis Vuitton Outlet Online Gyrosigma relatively vague, look less obvious Gyrosigma structure. When it comes to interior bag, small bag inside the bag will be playing a piece of paper that says a real Louis Vuitton Bags unique ID, fake LV would not have, and the location will be wrong. In addition, the real LV leather including small piece of skin striae are certainly a natural texture, but used fake LV skin striae is not natural. Written on the outside of the bag will block the skin of the word "Louls Vultton Paris made in France", we should pay attention to the printed word is true LV than shallow, but every word specification average. Instead imitation average spacing is not really standardized. Every printed word was totally neat (such as LV and U word must be a misprint), and this is very important. In addition to the part of the skin, with metal buckle also have the authenticity of the points. True LV buckle key metal presents bronze, dull color, and the pseudo-gold will be glossy, reflective of the strong. There really LV, including the outside of the pot nails will surely printed "Louis Vultton" Kim wrote, if the pot is not nailed, or India is short, do not watch it must be fake goods. Another true Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbags zipper buckle round rivets have a certain thickness feeling. Finally a secret that many people may not know, is printed on the outside bag "Louls Vultton Paris made in France" back skin of Aberdeen, really LV will be printed on the bag size. For example the 30-inch bag. The skin of the back you can see the words "30", if it is fake goods, then it will not have.


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